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Julio was just 2 days old & the sole survivor from his litter. His mother, Peaches, was rescued from the streets, heavily pregnant by a local cat charity & they urgently requested our help. Peaches had undergone a c-section & was temporarily unable to produce milk.

Both Julio & Peaches thrived in our care – Julio was hand reared & given round the clock care until Peaches had recovered & was able to take over. Julio is a bit weird, very playful & now a big lad! Peaches is a chunky cuddle bum, she loves to play & have human attention.

They found their forever home, together, here with us! Both are fantastic role models for our foster babies.



Kaya was rejected by her mother & only days old. Kaya’s human (owner) found us in a desperate search for help.

Hand rearing Kaya was a bit of a challenge as she was a fussy little feeder, taking a long time to have her milk.

Kaya was such a delight to have around, she was provided with our best care & enjoyed learning play with Julio. She has blossomed into a healthy & beautiful kitten.

Kaya was reunited with her parents – feline & human, where she lives a very good life.

Kaya’s owner Alex had this to say:
“Kate & The Kitten Consort are the best ever! Kate saved my life & my kitten, as my cat she rejected her baby; I panicked because I had no experience with a baby kitten, Kate took Kaya from day 5 for 5 weeks & she is amazing. The passion & love reflects on my kitten’s health, thank you so much!”


Bean was rescued by a local cat shelter, after being found outdoors in a sorry state.

He was believed to be only 2 weeks old & the cat shelter was already over run & had no room, so they asked The Kitten Consort to take over Bean’s care.

Upon our initial assessment of Bean, we sadly discovered that he was suffering from severe emaciation, a host of medical issues & was in fact 4 weeks old, meaning the odds were stacked against him.

We fought for Bean day & night, providing him with our specialised care, lots of love & plenty of visits to the vets. We gave Bean 24 hour care for 5 weeks & for the first few weeks we thought we were winning, as Bean put weight on, he was eating well, playful & loving.

However, after a few weeks Bean started showing signs of his underlying medical issues, such as episodes of heavy breathing. Although he would perk up again, play, cuddle & purr, his episodes got more intense, until one day he suffered a big seizure.

Bean was rushed to the vets once more & diagnosed with a congenital lung defect, we tried everything to save him but unfortunately he did not survive.

To say we were devastated to lose Bean, a 9 week old baby, is an understatement, he was such a cute, playful & feisty little character, who we all fell in love with & he will be very dearly missed.

The Dragons

The Dragons were orphaned after the tragic loss of their mother. Unable to hand rear & in a devastated panic, their mother’s owner handed over care to a local vets. The dedicated team of vet nurses had struggled to get the kittens to take a full meal & they were becoming concerned about emaciation.
The 3 beautiful babies were 2 weeks old & underweight upon arrival, however, they all showed signs of being strong little fighters.
We named the babies Falkour, Haku & Sapphire (Saffy for short). We worked tirelessly to provide them with our best care & all 3 recovered over the course of several weeks. They have all grown into healthy, gorgeous kittens.


Saffy was adopted into a very loving & spacious forever home. Her humans were captivated by her beauty, as we all were! She is very happy & her every need is provided for.

‘Saffy’s new family said the following:

“Excellent service from Kate of The Kitten Consort, during lockdown with Saffy’s adoption.

Kate gave us all the advice & support we needed to care for our adorable Saffy from the very start.

Saffy came to us a 12 week old kitten. She has settled so quickly & incredibly well to our family! She is a happy, healthy & energetic adorable kitten. Kate made sure that all paperwork was in order & the 5 weeks free pet insurance has given us peace of mind & time to search for an insurance that fits our needs.

The adoption fee included toys, food & all the basic essential items we need for Saffy, so we thought it was very good value for money.

We would very happily recommend Kate & The Kitten Consort.”


Haku found his forever home with a devoted & loving human family. He lives a blissful, happy life & has lots of fun with his feline playmate.

Haku’s new owner said the following:

“I know Haku’s made of stronger stuff & that’s all down to Kate & how she raised him. Kate is truly gifted to these babies & my gratitude will always be with her. Thank you.

Even though Haku is no longer Kate’s responsibility, she still answered me in his time of need. Kate will always have a space in both our hearts, she is amazing”.

Haku settled into his new home well but unfortunately 7 weeks later, he became suddenly very ill.

His new owner rushed him to the vets, desperately trying to find out what was wrong & save him.

Sadly the vet discovered that Haku had the same congenital heart defect which had caused the tragic loss of his mother & they put him to sleep because his heart was failing.


We all fell totally in love with Falkour & he became Julio’s best friend; we couldn’t bear to split them up, so his forever home is now here with us!

Kate developed a very special bond with Falkour, he would lie in her arms like a human baby, give her ‘human style’ kisses & they shared endless cuddles, purrs & playtimes. Falkour became a very much loved member of the family & was a very happy kitten.

Less than 2 weeks after the devastating news of Haku being put to sleep, Falkour also suddenly developed a mystery illness with breathing difficulties, Kate rushed him to the vets, he was examined & given heart medication which made no difference. Falkour was given an ultrasound scan & the vet gave Kate the heart breaking news that he also had the congenital heart defect & had to be put to sleep.

The vet said she had never seen a cat heart like it, his valves were not functioning properly & his little heart was deformed. The vet also said it was a miracle he had survived as long as he did!

Kate was absolutely heart-broken by the loss of both Falkour & Haku; they both appeared to be very healthy, happy kittens. They received many vet checks, put on weight, had their vaccinations, were flea & worm treated & to look at them you would not know anything was wrong. It’s very hard to learn you cannot save every kitten, especially where there is a congenital defect or something hidden inside which we cannot see.

The only glimmer of gratitude we can take from this is that all 3 beautiful babies would not have survived past 2 weeks old if Kate had not hand-reared them, Haku & Falkour got to experience human love & affection, along with 5 months of being appreciated and spoiled every day of their tiny lives.