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Julio was just 2 days old & the sole survivor from his litter. His mother, Peaches, was rescued from the streets, heavily pregnant by a local cat charity & they urgently requested our help. Peaches had undergone a c-section & was temporarily unable to produce milk.

Both Julio & Peaches thrived in our care – Julio was hand reared & given round the clock care until Peaches had recovered & was able to take over. Julio is a bit weird, very playful & now a big lad! Peaches is a chunky cuddle bum, she loves to play & have human attention.

They found their forever home, together, here with us! Both are fantastic role models for our foster babies.



Kaya was rejected by her mother & only days old. Kaya’s human (owner) found us in a desperate search for help.

Hand rearing Kaya was a bit of a challenge as she was a fussy little feeder, taking a long time to have her milk.

Kaya was such a delight to have around, she was provided with our best care & enjoyed learning play with Julio. She has blossomed into a healthy & beautiful kitten.

Kaya was reunited with her parents – feline & human, where she lives a very good life.

The Dragons

The Dragons were orphaned after the tragic loss of their mother. Unable to hand rear & in a devastated panic, their mother’s owner handed over care to a local vets. The dedicated team of vet nurses had struggled to get the kittens to take a full meal & they were becoming concerned about emaciation.
The 3 beautiful babies were 2 weeks old & underweight upon arrival, however, they all showed signs of being strong little fighters.
We named the babies Falkour, Haku & Sapphire (Saffy for short). We worked tirelessly to provide them with our best care & all 3 recovered over the course of several weeks. They have all grown into healthy, gorgeous kittens.


Saffy was adopted into a very loving & spacious forever home. Her humans were captivated by her beauty, as we all were! She is very happy & her every need is provided for.


Haku found his forever home with a devoted & loving human family. He lives a blissful, happy life & has lots of fun with his feline playmate.


We all fell totally in love with Falkour & he became Julio’s best friend; we couldn’t bear to split them up, so his forever home is now here with us!