Kitten Adoption Information

How to Adopt a Kitten

Thank you for showing an interest in The Kitten Consort.

Adopting a kitten from The Kitten Consort is a delightful decision; however, we do ask that you give this decision full consideration before applying. You will need to be their caregiver and friend for 20+ years; providing love, a safe & suitable home, responsible ownership and protection.

Please be aware that our kittens move into their forever homes at around 10 weeks of age, this means they will need extra care & patience from their new caregivers. 10 week old kittens are very energetic, they spend a lot of time playing, climbing, running & jumping off furniture. They will demand lots of attention, cuddles, love & food!

The number one aim of our adoption process is to ensure each & every kitten will have a happy, healthy & good life. We spend a lot of time, energy, expertise & money preparing kittens for adoption, both physically & in their behaviour.

Our process typically includes:

Adopt a Kitten

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

When adopting a kitten from The Kitten Consort, we ask you to buy our ‘Kitten Starter Bundle’, at the time of signing the adoption agreement, which costs £125 and includes all the basic necessities your new kitten will need.

We also suggest you might like to make a donation towards the cost of care. Buying our ‘Kitten Starter Bundle’ helps us to offset some of the costs of care & gives you the added benefit of knowing your kitten comes prepared with the basics.

  • Please be considerate & don’t apply on a whim. Once an application form starts our process, it involves our time, energy & various costs
  • Please only apply if your certain, ready & able to adopt
  • You must be at least 18 years old to adopt
  • Please fill in the application form fully, you can write N/A if a question is not applicable to you.

We are always happy to give advice & support, before, during & after adoption.

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