For the Love of Unadoptables

Unadoptable Felines Study

As part of our continued mission & commitment to end unnecessary euthanasia, we are conducting research (in the form of a nationwide study), which will gather information & opinions from thousands of individuals & welfare providers in the UK.

We believe there is a need for change in the way we view, understand and treat unadoptable felines. We also believe that ultimately, they should be given the same chance we take for granted, which is an opportunity to live, thrive & be free.

Unadoptable felines are those most at risk of euthanasia because they are not candidates for adoption; this includes neonates, kittens under 10 week’s old, stray & feral cats. Adoption is not a full solution to euthanasia because it is not available to all cats & kittens; it is in fact, only one of a number of variables needed to reduce euthanasia rates.

We’re inviting anyone involved in the care, welfare & or rescue of unadoptable felines to give us their honest opinion & take a small step towards fully understanding, helping & making life better for unadoptable felines, together we can help change the world for these beautiful creatures!

The purpose of this study is to gather & examine information & opinions regarding unadoptable felines, to ascertain what’s happening & why, with a view to working together to provide solutions, strategies & information towards ending unnecessary euthanasia. This will briefly cover – what current services & resources are offered, intakes & outcomes, training opportunities, perceived care needs & obstacles.

Once we have compiled & examined the data, we will use the results to: save more lives, work on efficient solutions to overcoming obstacles & ending unnecessary euthanasia, develop campaigns to educate & recruit more feline foster carers for multiple facilities, raise awareness & build a solid community of feline care & welfare providers.

Click the “Yes” button below to take part – by working together we can take a small step towards elevating the world for unadoptable felines.

You will have the opportunity to sign up to receive a copy of the results at the end of the study. All results published will include statistical information only; no personal information will be displayed. Your personal information will be held in the strictest confidence & for the purpose of this study only. We do not share/sell your information with any third parties.