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Saving Baby Kittens & Finding Homes

Our History

The Kitten Consort was established to save baby kittens lives & work towards ending unnecessary feline euthanasia.

Our initiative is centred on understanding how best to help felines who are not suitable for adoption, especially neonates & kittens less than 10 weeks old.

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Our Mission

The Kitten Consort’s mission is to provide life saving care & resources to baby kittens in need.

We are committed to finding solutions to end unnecessary feline euthanasia & improve the world of feline welfare.

We believe Every Life Matters & Every Life has value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why baby kittens?

Because neonates & kittens under 10 weeks old are one of the highest risk populations in ‘normal’ animal rescue facilities. We believe each & every tiny baby kitten deserves a chance to live.

Why are baby kittens one of the highest risk populations?

There are many complex reasons, these include: the intensive & specialised care needed to keep them alive, the fact that baby kittens are immunocompromised, a lack of resources, training, facilities & foster homes.

What does immunocompromised mean?

It means these dinky bundles of love are extremely vulnerable & susceptible to illness, especially where there are large amounts of other cats or animals. A newborn kitten can be exposed to parasites or viruses within 1 hour of entering a facility, which can be life threatening to a tiny baby kitten.

What is The Kitten Consort survey about?

In order to fully understand & help the unadoptable felines, we must first gather extensive information from thousands of individuals & animal welfare organisations in the UK. We must then examine that information before being able to provide solutions. The purpose of the survey therefore, is to gather opinions & information around current rescue services offered, intakes & outcomes of felines & perceived obstacles & care needs.

Do you hand rear kittens for owners?

In certain circumstances, we do offer a paid hand rearing service, where kittens are returned to their owners once they’re fully weaned & healthy, rather than being adopted. For example, when kittens are rejected by their mum but the owner wishes to reunite the whole family when the kittens are old enough. All enquiries, please contact us.

Our Owner

Kate Bateman

Kate Bayman Dip.Fel

Kate Bayman Dip.Fel is a caring, devoted & compassionate feline carer & kitten rescuer, with a determination to succeed in elevating the world of feline welfare. Kate has been fascinated by & deeply passionate about cats, domestic & wild, since childhood & believes every human should spend time caring for animals. She has cared for family pet cats from a very early age, spent over 10 years caring for elderly & disabled cats & more recently qualified to care for baby felines.

Kate created The Kitten Consort to make a difference in the perception & treatment of unadoptable felines, especially fragile babies. She refuses to accept needless euthanasia as an inevitability of animal rescue. Kate firmly believes that No animal should die due to: lack of awareness, lack of resources, lack of training or simply because an animal is not a candidate for adoption. Every life matters & Every life has value!

Kate’s recent qualifications include:

  • ABC Level 2 Animal Nursing Assistant Certificate
  • Level 3 Feline Behaviour & Psychology Diploma, Distinction
  • Level 3 Pet Care Business Diploma, Distinction
  • Level 3 First Aid for Kittens & Cats, Higher Distinction

Kate has also won 2 awards:

  • ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award, 2017 from Myerscough College
  • ‘Pet Care’ award, 2018 from Centre of Excellence