The Kitten Consort

Giving the gift of love & lifesaving care to baby kittens in need. We are a dedicated kitten rescue, with a focus on education & awareness. Specialised in helping neonatal & tiny kittens stay alive & thrive until they’re old enough for adoption


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About Us

About Our Work

Orphaned kittens under 10 weeks old are one of the most vulnerable & misunderstood populations entering the UK’s rescues & animal welfare organisations. These precious bundles of love are at risk simply because it requires immense energy & resources to keep them alive. The Kitten Consort provides creative solutions to meet the unique needs of these delicate lives

Owing to the generous support of our followers, we’re able to maintain our ultimate commitment of saving lives & continue to implement our core aims, which are to:

  • Provide vital care & resources to motherless kittens in need
  • Understand the intrinsic needs of every individual kitten in our care
  • Raise awareness around unadoptable populations & unnecessary euthanasia
  • Research & initiative to compile data, raise standards & create further resources

Kitten Rescue

Julio Saved Kitten


Just 2 days old & the sole survivor from his litter.


Rejected by her mother & only days old.

The Dragons

Orphaned after the tragic loss of their mother.

What We Do

Rescuing Kittens

Hand rearing & full care of neonatal & tiny kittens, from birth to moving into their forever homes.


Undertaking research, developing campaigns & creating educational resources.

Finding A Home

Ensuring our cute & cuddly bundles of love are adopted into suitable & loving homes.

Help Them Purr

Orphaned kittens require a great amount of specialized supplies & extensive care (including milk replacer, bottles & vet treatment). Your donations go a long way to help us provide more life saving opportunities for baby kittens in need. We couldn’t do it without you.


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